Google Notebook: Download

How it works

Google Notebook: Download is installed as a Grease Monkey. Once installed a link to "Export Notebooks" appears in the top right corner of the page.

Now use DownThemAll to download your your notebooks in atom or html format. You can archive them to the medium of your choosing and then place it under your mattress so you can sleep at night knowing that if google exploded that night you would still have your files. Archiving with atom will allow you to import your google notebooks and restore them to their original state. HTML format doesn't require access to google notebook to be able to read.

Bugs & Contact

GND relies on google's code to stay the same in order to do its job. So when google updates the html of the page, GND may become confused and stop working.

You can let me know if you're having problems through the Any and all feedback is welcome.

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Google Doc Download was written by Peter Shafer, student developer, originally in August 2008.
Contact: peter at

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August 20th, 2008: Google Notebook: Download has launched